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CSST304 |Stainless steel corrugated tube, in coil

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Stainless steel corrugated tube CSST304 for water supply in coil, annealed - 10 - 100m.
Stahlmann water pipe is corrugated stainless steel pipe of the highest quality!

Widely used in the installation of flexible hoses for water-carrying appliances, gas appliances, water underfloor heating, fire extinguishing systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Used as cable conduits, corrugated tubes protect power and low-voltage cables from external influences. Flexible corrugated tubes guarantee a tight connection with high reliability and long service life (lifetime warranty!).

The Stahlmann corrugated tube does not change its cross-section during bending and maximum deformation, is resistant to water hammer, does not allow oxygen to penetrate, is easily bendable and dimensionally stable. The corrugated pipe is insensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Easy to cut and bend - for easy installation.
Bending does not change the cross-section, there are no microcracks and no mechanical stress on the metal.
The coefficient of linear expansion when heated is 20 times
lower than plastic pipes - an ideal solution for heating systems.

Stahlmann stainless corrugated tubes can be bent easily and without special tools, no micro-cracks occur and the cross-section remains stable

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Stainless steel CSS304