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Electric Underwood Heating Mat 150 W/m² for dry installation floorings: wooden, carpet, PVC

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  • Nominal power: 150 W/m
  • For laminate, parquet &  other floating floorings
  • 100% maintenance free
  • 10 years warranty 



Corrugated Tube
Corrugated Tube
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Electric floor heating systems with an output of 150 W/m² can be used as a primary heating source in the areas where the heating demand is not too high. Commonly this type of the mat will be used in bathrooms, kitchens as well as living rooms and bedrooms which are not located in the basement or directly under the roof.

For rooms with a higher heating demand (e.g. cellar rooms, conservatories or roof area floorings), electric floor heating systems with 150 W/m² serve only as a floor heating, not as a primary heating of the room.

Electrical heating mats with aluminum foil are used in combination with floating type of installation floorings (e.g., laminate, PVC, carpet). In the case of PVC flooring or carpeted floors, a proper thermal conductivity of the floor covering is to be taken into account. We always suggest to consult with your flooring supplier beforehand if your new flooring meets the requirements for underfloor heating if the information is not provided otherwise. If you use a flooring that is laid with tile glue or leveling compound, we recommend our standard heating mats.


The use of a thermostat is mandatory when operating  electric underfloor heating. Choose your thermostat in a kit and save compared to the single unit prices. 

The aluminum heating mat is only applicable for dry (floating) installation types. It is not permitted to put the mat into glue or leveling compound.

Please note, that electric underfloor heating should not be installed under fixed fixtures (e.g. cabinet, kitchen cell, etc.). For this reason, the heating mat is usually installed with a wall spacing of at least 60 cm. In bathrooms, however, a smaller wall distance of at least 3 cm commonly will be planned. The mesh of the heating mat can be cut during installation - heating cables of the mat. Make sure not to cut or shorten the cable itself! This is why it is essential to choose the right size of the mat -> With the help of our calculator you can easily solve this problem.

To avoid higher heat loss and consecutive higher electricity demand we suggest to check whether the existing thermal insulation in the floor corresponds latest technical specifications before installing an electric underfloor heating system. We suggest to use additional thermal insulation. Just make sure the type of insulation is suitable for the underfloor heating system of your choice.

A thermostat with display is required for underfloor heating systems with the glued floorings. As a rule Temperatures of 28-30°C are usually not to be exceeded to avoid damaging of the flooring. Our digital thermostats (TP520, SE200 or MCS350) will keep precise temperature levels set by you.

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